When it comes to transportation, one size only sometimes fits all. That’s why minibusses are better for smaller groups than vans because minibusses are more efficient. They’re usually able to get around more quickly and transport more people at a time.

This article will help you understand why they are better than vans.

Fit more passengers.

Due to their difference in size, vans tend to be more cramped than minibusses. While most vans can only fit 12 to 15 passengers, several minibus models can accommodate up to 35. GOGO Charters has access to minibusses ranging from 18 to 35 passengers, allowing you to transport larger groups during your travels.

You can travel privately and safely.

If you like to travel without being distracted by interested observers and passengers, minibusses allow you to do so. They include tinted windows and drapes, so you can sit comfortably without being disturbed by the outside world. You can also drive to your location without worrying about safety because minibusses can carry more passengers and are equipped with airbags.

Minibuses are available in a variety of vehicle configurations.

Minibusses are easily reconfigurable to fit exactly what you need into the available area, which means it’s ideal for long road trips and airplane travel. Do you need to accommodate a wheelchair and a golf bag? Do you need to fit into a car seat? Minibusses are ideal for group travel since they can be demolished, constructed, and rearranged.

Keep more items.

Minibusses also incorporate overhead storage bins, allowing passengers to transport stuff that may not have fit in a van. Vans may allow you to fit some small goods beneath your seat, but there needs to be a comparison in overall storage space.

Sit more conveniently.

Minibusses also offer a more comfortable ride experience for passengers. Bucket seats seen in minibusses are significantly more comfortable than bench seats found in vans. Minibusses also offer much more internal headroom for passengers, and their center lanes make moving around the vehicle easier.

The convenience that a minibus provides its passengers would be appreciated in traffic jams or huge events. While rush hour traffic and delays caused by road accidents are difficult to avoid, minibus amenities make the hardship more bearable. A minibus, for example, is the greatest way to get to Atlanta sporting events since it provides a substantially better group travel experience amid gameday traffic.

Understand your driver.

When you book a minibus with GOGO Charters, you’ll be assigned a driver who will take you exactly where you need to go. Your driver is familiar with the area you’re traveling through and can thus determine the most effective route. We thoroughly vet all drivers and ensure they have all completed a background check, assuring that you are being driven by someone safe and dependable. You can even call us if you want to know who your driver is and how long they’ve been driving.

Minibuses are excellent for entertaining large groups.

Minibusses are the best option if you have a large group to amuse. They have cup holders and built-in entertainment systems, so you can listen to music, watch movies, and even play games while traveling.


If you’re looking to travel comfortably, wisely, and safely, opting for a minibus is always a good idea. They’re great for trips to the airport, around town, or on long car trips. Minibusses are especially beneficial for teams or groups, as they provide a safe and comfortable way to get around.

31 Dec 2022