Most people would prefer to avoid the need for armed bodyguards – and that would be possible in a perfect world. Unfortunately, this world is anything but perfect, and there are a whole host of reasons why you might need to protect yourself with armed personal security:

  1. Business executives for large companies are prime targets for kidnap, assault, robbery, blackmail, and other crimes. Worse, these threats can come from fired or dissatisfied employees, angry consumers, or groups ideologically opposed to the business or industry.
  2. Celebrities have long been targets for kidnap, assault, and even murder. Hollywood stars, major television personalities, and popular musicians all benefit from the use of armed bodyguards.
  3. VIPs of every type can find themselves at risk. Whether it’s a political figure who’s received death threats or the family of well-known personalities, public figures need the protection that only trained bodyguards can provide.

How Professional Armed Bodyguards Keep You Safe

Many people might assume that armed bodyguards simply specialize in reacting to potential threats rapidly and efficiently. The reality is that a trained personal security guard has skills that go well beyond that rapid response to danger. At ISS, our private security guards are trained to:

  • Secure locations and identify vulnerabilities in areas you frequent
  • Assess any environmental and potential risks before they become immediate threats
  • Quickly identify warning signs
  • Develop plans to secure your person if danger manifests, including mapping escape routes when necessary
  • Respond to threats with the appropriate level of force
  • Advise you on risk mitigation strategies to reduce the potential for danger

Also, private personnel security are trained to maintain your confidentiality, and never divulge your private conversations or other secrets. They also help to stop threats before they manifest, since their very presence often deters bad actors from threatening behavior.

20 Apr 2021