Businessman going inside his car

A stretch limousine is a more spacious version of a standard sedan limo and is excellent for business travel, weddings, proms, and more!

When you are planning an upscale event or just planning to attend one, you want to show up in style. A limo is a great idea for any event whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or a road trip. Once you’ve decided you want to travel in a limousine, the next step is deciding which vehicle you want to use. Here are a few types of limousines to help you narrow down which is best for your next event.

Sedan Limousine

A sedan limo is your standard black limousine that you probably see most often. This is generally the cheapest option for a luxury vehicle, but it still is a great choice. It is a smaller limo compared to the other options, generally made to fit three or four people. Because of its simple, sophisticated look, it is great for airport and business transportation. 

SUV Limousine

This type of limousine is more spacious compared to the standard sedan limo. Most of them have entertainment systems inside including TV and bars. SUV limousines are a great option for road trips because they have a lot of space to put your bags and luggage. With the bar built-in, this is also a good option for traveling to a formal event. Enjoy your favorite show, a glass of champagne, and enjoy the ride. 

Limo Bus 

A limo bus is more commonly referred to as a party bus. These luxury vehicles are great for those who want to bring the party to the limo! You don’t even have to have a destination with a limo bus because everything you need to enjoy a night of fun is already inside. Limo buses have bathrooms, dance floors, sofas, bars, and more! They are made to hold more than 30 people and are great for your next birthday party, bachelor party, and more!

Stretch Limousine

The stretch limo resembles the sedan limo, except it has more space as the name suggests. Because it is more spacious, it is great for large parties that are traveling to events. Weddings and proms are two of the most popular events that a stretch limousine is used for. Because of the classic look, this limo is also great for business travel!

08 Dec 2019