Did you know that weddings are in peak season right now? June, August, September and October are the most popular months for couples to get married. That\’s why we at Black Swan Limos have been doing many wedding services over the past few months. Having driven so many brides and grooms and wedding parties lately. We thought this would be a good time to share some helpful tips on how to transport a wedding limousine. We hope these tips will help make your wedding even smoother!

Allow A Time Cushion, And Be Aware

When it comes to your wedding, there is no such thing as too much preparation, especially when it comes to traveling in a wedding limousine. Calculate your 30-minute \”traffic cushion\” wisely when planning your route. Even when you don\’t need a pillow, you can spend extra time relaxing and taking deep breaths. Also, don\’t forget to consider the events happening locally at your wedding. Unknown parades, festivals, marches, concerts, etc., can add significantly to travel time for you and your wedding guests.

Make Sure You Know Where You\’re Headed

It is a good idea to know the route from the wedding hall to the photo shoot area and the event venue in advance. Sure, drivers have GPS systems all the time these days, but it\’s still useful to know where you\’re going. This convenience can save time and stress when your GPS doesn\’t work. You can\’t always rely on technology. You want to avoid getting lost on your wedding day. A solid plan is to provide the car service with all addresses and schedules for your wedding day. This allows drivers to prepare and plan.

Consider Your Photographers

Wedding photographers and videographers are more likely to have their vehicles for transportation. However, consider whether you want photos or video recordings of your ride. Many couples enjoy a cute photo of the two of them in a limousine or car after their wedding. Or, if the whole wedding party is in attendance, these photos are fun too. Some couples prefer to spend some time alone in a limousine. Whatever your preference, this decision should be made well in advance so that everyone is on the same page, bride and groom, photographers, videographers, wedding parties, etc.

Ask About Refreshments And Music

You will already be sitting in your luxury car on your wedding day. Why not go out with some champagne, snacks and your favorite music? If you think you might need these things during your wedding limousine transfer, be sure to ask the limousine company you booked with. Special requests can be accommodated according to the type of champagne you choose. But don\’t expect this to happen automatically. Many couples and wedding parties board limousines in the hope that they will be well-loaded with drinks and food. However, this is a service that must be requested when booking a rental car.

Reserve In Advance

A mistake many couples make is not booking a limousine or car in advance. Because of this, you often have to go looking for something, and you may end up paying too much or not getting a car at all. Depending on your wedding anniversary, it may not be possible to purchase a car (prom time, etc.). He recommends booking the limousine or car for your anniversary at least six months before the big day.

At Black Swan Limos, we pride ourselves on making weddings even brighter. Our small part ends up feeling big because of our outstanding service and care. If you\’re looking for the ultimate wedding limo service or luxury car for your big day, please don\’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or to find out about our availability.

We look forward to hearing from you!

11 Jun 2023