Top Luxurious Limousines In The World

Limousines are already a rather bougie vehicle, but these luxurious rides take the idea of luxury to a whole new level.

A limousine’s sole purpose is extravagance and luxury. These vehicles do not exist for necessity and have the right to be as ridiculous and lavish as we want them to be. While limousines of all shapes and sizes are for special occasions and showing-off, the ones on this list somehow manage to up the ante.

Some are impenetrable, while others are downright silly. But, all the Luxurious Limousines on this list have one thing in common: an extravagant nature and a very hefty price tag. These are the ten most expensive and luxurious limousines in the world.

1. U.S. Presidential Cadillac Limousine.

The very same car used to transport the president of the United States of America himself. This one is the most luxurious and secure among all the presidential vehicles throughout the years. It replaces the previous presidential vehicle often referred to as “The Beast.”

However, this one is lighter and supposedly more advanced. Naturally, not much detail reveals the President’s Cadillac Limo, but we know it’s a mighty, impenetrable fortress. We also know it features a 5.0-liter diesel engine and tech-like run-flat tires. It weighs a total of 20,000 lbs. The price of one of these is estimated at $1,5 million.

2. Sultan of Brunei’s Rolls Royce.

Well known for his lavish lifestyle, the Sultan of Brunei is also a passionate car collector. Among the 7000 vehicles in His Majesty’s collection hides one of the most extravagant and expensive limousines in the world.

It’s a modified version of the 1990 Rolls Royce Silver Spur II stretch limousine fully plated with 24-carat gold and decorated with gold accents. Even the rims are pure gold, bumping the total cost of the car to over $14 million.

3. The Boeing 727 Limo.

We would remiss if we hadn’t included this incredibly expensive and ridiculous custom limousine in our list. The whole concept of this limousine is well thought out, with a beautiful and luxurious interior and an extremely eye-catching exterior. It’s fully street legal, by the way.

It weighs in at a whopping $24,000 lbs and features a well-equipped bar, a big-screen tv, comfortable seating, ceiling mirrors, and much more. Seating up to 50 people, this giant is offered to rent by Limo Bob for as much as $100,000 per month and is worth an asking price of exactly 1 million dollars.

4. Mercedes G63 Armored Limousine.

This heavy-duty armored G63 is delivered by a Canadian armored vehicle producer called INKAS. On top of the powerful original G63 wagon, the company added an all-around bulletproof plating (including bulletproof windows and tires). A large, luxurious rear cabin with reclining leather seats with a view of1 the 4K resolution TV over a cooled bar.

It also packs an impressive 5.5L V8 that sends a stampede of 563 horsepower to the large wheels. With heaps of ground clearance, the G63 limousine will allow you to go anywhere unharmed, and in style.

5. The Batmobile Limousine.

Fans of the Caped Crusader will be happy to hear that one of the most iconic and renowned Batmobiles to appear in the film. One designed by Tim Burton for the 1989 Batman movie, has been made in the shape of a luxury limousine. It came to be in 2012, by the hands of a Batman fan, of course and is quite a solid recreation of the original.

It even features a V8 Jet engine from a Corvette, and many gadgets you’d find in the real Batmobile. Such as a missile launcher, rear bat wings, ejectable wheels, and a rocket launcher. However, this one is for luxury, and instead of having just one seat like the original. It provides a comfortable and spacious cabin with a driver for that true limousine experience. It is also one of the most expensive limousines in the world, with the total cost for the project estimated at $4.2 million.

23 May 2022