Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the greatest days of your life. You’re already marrying the guy or gal of your dreams, so how do you make it even more memorable?

Have you ever thought about leasing a limousine for the occasion?

Using a limo rental service means you no longer have to worry about transportation after the wedding. It also means you and your new spouse will be whisked away in style after the ceremony. 

After the reception, you, your wife, and the rest of the wedding party can party long into the night or take the limo sight-seeing throughout the city. Take your friends or keep it romantic with just you and your spouse.

No matter what, a limousine will help you make the most of your wedding.

But before all of these, there are some important questions you need to ask the limousine service company before booking them to ensure you have the best service in the whole area.

Here is our rundown of the main 8 significant inquiries.

1. What training requirements do you have for your drivers?

Most states require limo drivers (their official title is chauffeur), to have a chauffeur’s license or permit, in addition to their regular class D driver’s license. If your limo ride will take you across state borders, the chauffeur is required to have a driver’s license in that state, too.

2. What clothing will the limousine driver show up in? 

Numerous companies require a specific clothing regulation for the driver, as they will be freely obvious when they show up at your wedding. . Limousine drivers ought to be proficient and dressed properly.

There are, shockingly, all around very numerous harrowing tales of casually dressed, displeased, or even inebriated limo drivers who have turned up to try to escort a shocked wedding party.

3-What model of limousine do you prefer?

There are various sorts of limousines  – from the basic stretch limousine to an SUV-based model. Inquire about the make, model, and year of the limos offered by the company, and choose the model you dream it.

4. How many people can I bring with me in a limousine?

Limousines come with a predetermined passenger capacity. Be aware, however, that this number represents the maximum capacity – not always the most comfortable. 

It could be smarter to book a limo that is for larger groups than yours, leaving you room for personal space and personal belongings. Why cram together when you can enjoy luxury?

Just make sure you’ve made adequate plans for the number of people you plan to have as your escort.

5. Do you charge services by mileage or by the hour?

The response to this question will determine whether you cruise the highways during your joyride or whether you stick to passing gradually through town. Asking this question before planning your route will help prevent disappointment later on.

6. How Much Will It Cost?

It’s imperative to understand what your wedding financial plan is and where you need it going. When you do this, you can start looking at different limo rental services and comparing prices.

Remember also that you often get what you pay for.  Less expensive seldom implies better.  Sometimes choosing the cheaper option makes us wish we were a little less frugal. Spending the extra money for ultimate luxury, service, and amenities may be the right decision, especially on your wedding day

7. Do we need to sign a contract with a limousine service company?

Most often, limo rental companies will have you sign a contract. This is a good business habit for both you and the company. 

This is a good time to hash out all the details. Here, you can determine when the driver will arrive, how long you’ll lease the limo, what you’re needed to for, and some other subtleties for the evening. 

No one wants to be unpleasantly surprised by a waived liability or unexpected charge during their lovely wedding.

8. Will we need to set our course early? 

It is a smart thought to set a route ahead of time, although most companies and drivers are more than willing to be flexible. But, if there are certain destinations that you would like to hit along the way, be sure to give the names and addresses to your driver so they can look up driving routes ahead of time. 

9. What does the limousine company’s insurance policy cover?

Discovering what is covered by the limousine company’s insurance policy will help you in the event of a fender bender or more serious accident. Who is insurance will be liable in case of a personal injury?

and whether additional insurance will need to be purchased?

Are all good questions to ask.

10.Is it okay to drink, eat, or smoke in the limousine?

Since it is your wedding day for which you are making the bookings, you might want to enjoy your partner with eating and drinking. It is thus important to ask the limousine rental company whether food, drinks, and smoking are allowed or not.

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17 Jan 2021