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It is possible to form a first impression in as short as three seconds. If you find that fact amazing, you’ll probably be even more surprised to know that it is almost impossible to reverse or change an initial impression. We often forget that body language and attitude are observable by others. If you’re looking to set the right tone for your future relationships, you can benefit from reading our handy tips just down below:

Appropriate Presentation

A picture can be worth a thousand words, and we’re not just talking about 2D images but your physical presence as well. More often than not, first-time meetings are shrouded in mystery regarding a person’s true character and personality. One way to ensure that you start with a better impression is by dressing cleanly and suitably.

Be Authentic

Everyone is “fitting in” to a certain degree. Act and behave in a manner that’s acceptable to those around you. However, “being yourself” is equally crucial, and it’s a good indicator of how well you present yourself and how authentic you are. If you’re confident about who you are, you’re just a step away from winning the trust of others in you.

Engage in Small Talk

Getting to know one another does take a certain amount of verbal communication. If you’re meeting someone for the first time, having a few questions in place will ease everyone into a smoother flow of conversation. You’ll get to tell someone about yourself, and you’ll also get a better sense of the person whom you’re talking to as well.

Exude Positiveness

How we feel, think and act can be detected in our body language, so if you want to leave a good first impression, you’ll want to project a positive image. Remember to smile and remain upbeat even in the face of pressure or anxiety to the best of your ability. Not only will this endear you to those around you, but you’ll also be surprised at just how much better you will feel on the inside as well.

Remember to Be Courteous and Attentive

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to be polite and attentive to those around you. Nobody likes to be ignored (especially if you were talking to them in the first place!), so be considerate and give others enough attention. If you’re not sure what else you can do to show your consideration, turning off your phone or putting it on silent mode is a good way to go about it.

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16 Mar 2022