wedding day

Weddings are some of the major events in people’s lives so they should be organized in a high-class style.

No matter, if it is your wedding, your family member’s, your friend’s or your colleague, hiring a wedding limo, will enhance this special event with style and elegance.

Wedding day isn’t just a usual day, People around the globe celebrate their weddings in different ways, There are different traditions and customs in each corner of the world, But, one thing is common – on that day everything must go without a hitch.

A wedding day requires good organization and thorough planning of each step.

Here you will read about:

Why makes hiring a wedding limo a good idea?

What are the best ways of decorating a wedding limo?

1. What makes hiring a wedding limousine a good idea?

A wedding limo adds luxury and sophistication to your event.

Wedding limos are:

Awesome choice for a pre-wedding party



Spacious and comfortable


The perfect backdrop for a photo-shoot

The main element of your wedding theme

The grand entrance to the wedding venue

Limos – ideal for pre-wedding party

It is now a tradition for brides and grooms to have a bachelor and bachelorette party before their wedding.

Renting a limousine is a great and fun way of celebrating your last unmarried days with your friends.

You don’t even have to leave the limo since there are party buses equipped with amenities like pools, hot tubs, bar stations, sound systems, and even separate rooms.

And the most important is that everybody will get their home safe, no matter how wild the party may get.

Hiring a wedding limo reduces stress, Limos exude luxury and sophistication, Your arrival at the ceremony will be elegant and classy.

The moment when your limo arrives at the venue or church and the chauffeur in a perfectly pressed black suit opens the door and gives you his hand in a white glove to help you exit the vehicle will take the breath away not only to your guests but to the random bystanders as well, No one forgets such a moment.

Furthermore, limousines provide a comfortable and stress-free ride, Although they are happy, wedding days are emotional and stressful, and during your ride, you will have time just for yourself to lower the adrenalin and prepare for the most important ‘I do’ of your life.

Also, weddings are long and exhausting, and knowing that there is a limo waiting for you and your spouse now to take you to the hotel is comforting. Or maybe you are taking off straight to honeymoon?

In that case, the chauffeur can take you to the airport right after the ceremony.

A wedding limo is certainly a safe, punctual, and stress-free option that will additionally complement your event with extravagance.

A punctual chauffeur will stick to your schedule

A limo company is not only there to give you a lift, but their chauffeurs are trained and highly skilled professionals who are there to turn your ride into a super experience. The respect of your desires and your time is their command.

Renting a limousine for the wedding is a sure way to get to your ceremony safely and right on time. It is also hassle-free when you don’t have to drive a car after you drank a couple of cocktails.

You can relax and enjoy your party to the fullest.

Also, weddings are long and exhausting, and knowing that there is a limo waiting for you and your spouse now to take you to the hotel is comforting.

Wedding limos are spacious and comfortable

This is especially convenient if your wedding dress has got a long train.

There is enough room for a big dress to not wrinkle and to remain perfect. But before booking, we advise you to decide how many people you are going to arrive with at the ceremony.

It can only be the bride while the groom waits with jitters along with the guests.

A limo also offers the groom and bride some alone time from the ceremony location to the wedding party venue.

It is a time to have a special toast and celebrate the beginning of your married life in private before the busy wedding reception.

On the other side, some companies for a wedding offer one crazy option.

You can have a party on the go!

For the two of you and the circle of your closest family members and friends, the wedding celebration doesn’t have to start at the venue.

There are wedding limousines like Hummers and party buses that can accommodate 20+ people.

Take your bridesmaids and groomsmen, get a Champaign and enjoy your mini private celebration of this important day.

And if you are moving away, this is the perfect time and place to be emotional and to say goodbye until you gather again.

Hiring a wedding limo means achieving cost-effectiveness

Even though limousines represent luxury, high class, and style, they are wrongfully considered expensive.

At the present, there is a wide selection of limos and limo companies that rent cars specially designed for weddings that are pretty much affordable.

The price of an average wedding limo ranges from $500 to $1,100 for most couples.

A wedding shuttle bus package is priced at around $1,200.

Some limo services add special wedding offers such as a white stretch limo, decorations, and complimentary champagne.

Investigate if your limo company includes a tip for the chauffeur in your total price. On average, it is expected 15 to 20 percent for a tip.

Make sure to choose and hire the limousine service at least 3 months in advance, to avoid extra charges in the period of higher wedding demands.

The perfect backdrop for a photo-shoot

Wedding photo shooting is a way to get photos of togetherness.

Photographers intend to capture natural moments and expressions, and real emotions shared by the couple.

People can get very creative with choosing the locations and accessories for their photoshoots. And believe us, a wedding limousine makes an excellent backdrop for love photos.

Organizing a wedding is difficult.

There is an exhaustive list of tasks that have to be fulfilled and many of those items have to be harmonized, which is not easy to accomplish at all.

Even if you engage a wedding organizer, you still have to make choices and try your best to fulfill not only your and your fiancé’s wishes but of your families too.

Wedding decoration is one of those tasks.

unusual wedding vehicle

Unusual wedding vehicle

Wedding themes are also popular nowadays and those go well beyond table decorations.

Our team of experts is open to any suggestions and will gladly do their best to enhance your wedding theme and amaze people.

Flowers, balloons, ribbons, and bows are regular decorating items.

Classy and formal, vintage or rustic, bohemian or romantic, art-deco or eccentric, whichever theme suits you best, we will decorate your wedding limousine at your desires and enhance your chosen vibes.

The grand entrance in a wedding limo

Arriving at the ceremony in a wedding limo will make your entrance elegant and classy.

Your appearance will be memorable.

Furthermore, it is also a great way to leave the venue after a long and exciting, but also exhausting day.

Taking off on a honeymoon?

The limousine can give the newlyweds a shuttle to the airport right after the wedding.

2. What are the best ways of decorating a wedding limo?

As we mentioned before, decoration is a crucial touch that will mark your wedding with uniqueness and creativity.

Every couple wants this day to be nothing less than their vision of perfect.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, a lovely venue, a great band, and cheerful wedding guests will make any ring exchange ceremony unforgettable.

Flowers, balloons, ribbons, and bows are regular decorating items.

Classy and formal, vintage or rustic, bohemian or romantic, art-deco or eccentric, whichever theme suits you best, we will decorate your wedding limousine at your desires and enhance your chosen vibes.

Is there something greater that could spice up the wedding and make it even more classy and stylish? Read on to find out!

Wedding limo – Dos

First, you have to choose an appropriate vehicle. This depends on the theme of your wedding and your budget.

Do you want it to be modern and luxurious, or you rather opt for a more traditional and retro look?

Once you pick your perfect ride, make sure you ask the limo company for permission to decorate their car.

Weddings are already expensive and you don’t want any additional charges and unpleasant surprises.

So, what to use to decorate your wedding limo?

Traditional floral and greenery wreaths or garlands are classy and elegant, and can also be rustic if you are more for a boho wedding.

If a white limo is your choice, decorate it with pastel colors of bows and ribbons. This will give it a romantic touch. Or you can use a bright red ribbon and wrap it like a gift! The best fabrics to use are tulle and satin.

Nothing says ‘celebration’ better than the colorful and celebratory balloons.

Old-school tin cans or anything that makes noise. Before this became a tradition, it was a custom to tie shoes to the wedding carriage. It originates from the 5th century when people used to throw shoes at the bride and groom as a way to grant them luck. The tying of baby shoes was supposed to symbolize the wish for fertility.

Scribble “Just Married” on a window of a limousine using liquid chalk, white shoe polish, or soap. They are easily removable and won’t damage the car paint or window tint. You can also use window stickers or hang a “Just Married” sign or banner.

Instead of writing directly on the car with materials that could potentially damage the car, you can opt for mirror frame clings. They can be personalized in a variety of ways to get your message across. They can show off your and your spouse’s initials or names and wedding date.

Use Pom Poms to pretty it up. It can be girly and playful.

Tie some streamers onto the side-view mirrors, door handles, or to the back of the bumper.

Break out the bunting for a vintage look.

Personalize the license plates.

Even though there are many different ways and accessories you can use to decorate your wedding limousine, there are also some that are out of the question:

Spray paint, dye, markers, anything that is not easy to remove. This is particularly forbidden during summers because the dye could transfer to the surface of the limo and cause damage.

Tape on windows leaves behind a sticky residue that is difficult to get off. It can also damage the tint is applied on the inner side of the window.

Sugary substances – Products that contain sugar, like whipped cream, should never be used. Sugar is sticky and extremely bad for car paint.

Tin cans – Though we mentioned them above as a traditional way of decorating the wedding limousine, you must be careful because they can damage the tires, and can even spark against the pavement.

A wedding limo contract

After choosing your wedding limo, make sure that the company gives you the written contract that contains the following terms of service:

total price





the model of your wedding limo

the price per hour if you exceed the agreed time

Before signing the contract, ask about “all-inclusive pricing” because there are cases when taxes aren’t included.

Check the qualifications of the chauffeur and add alternative routes to your plan in case the traffic is crowded.

Do all this to keep your mind at ease and avoid unnecessary surprises.

Limousine for your wedding – conclusion:

If you want to compliment yourself with luxury and get rid of stress – this is it. A wedding limo designed according to your taste is waiting for you.

There is no reason not to fully enjoy the exclusiveness of this particular day. You have also seen that there are many interesting ways in which you can decorate your wedding transportation.

Hiring a limo for your wedding is something that you owe to yourself, your partner, or your best friend.


30 Jun 2021