Everyone loves limousines. They\’re pretty much the best part of the event, right? A good limousine service is always great, whether a wedding, prom, birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, anniversary, or a night on the town. While it\’s all about enjoying riding in a limousine, all passengers should follow some¬† \”Rules of Thumb\” of inside limo etiquette.

We\’ve put together some things for you to consider as a passenger.

Guest Count

Knowing how many passengers will be inside a limo or luxury car, you have booked is a good idea, and let the company know this number. If passenger numbers are increasing for any reason, we also recommend letting passengers know so they can determine which vehicle is the most comfortable, spacious and safe for your group.

Know How To Get In

Allow the driver to open the door for you (it\’s the driver\’s job, after all), sit in the first empty seat you see, and wave your leg to get in smoothly. Once seated, slide down the seats until you find a suitable spot.

Know The Party Rules

Most luxury car services do not allow smoking in the vehicle. So be aware and respect this if it is a rule. Check with the company when booking to see if alcohol is allowed. Follow the rules and regulations of the limo service.

Don\’t Trash The Limo

Drop off as close as possible to where you found the limousine. Don\’t leave empty bottles, cans or packaging unattended. Try to avoid throwing food or drink at passengers. If you go, take what you brought with you. Some luxury car service providers may charge a cleaning fee in the event of defacement.

With Black Swan Limos, we truly appreciate customers who practice great limo etiquette. We provide fun, safe, and reliable transport for those who need to get around Dallas. We have the best drivers and pride ourselves on our outstanding service. If you need a limo or luxury car service, Please do not hesitate to contact us:

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01 May 2023