Sticking with an exercise routine is almost impossible for business executives, especially when the work involves a lot of traveling. You have to worry about the conference schedule, the weather, there are also demanding clients to consider.

This makes it easier to view business trips as “cheat days” when you don’t have to fit some fitness regimen into your busy schedule.

However, there are ways to stay active during your business trip that extends beyond the traditional hotel gym. Here are five ways to stay fit while traveling for business.


Outlined below are five ways to stay active while traveling for business.

1-Stay Active on the Road

The smart thing to do when you are always on the road is to incorporate some light physical activities into your commute. This will help prevent the detrimental effects associated with sitting for a long time. In addition to this, it will give you a structure to your fitness routine.

A classic example of staying active on the road include taking stairs over the elevator, working laps around the airport terminal, walking to meetings (if you can), and going for a quick jog around the local park of your destination.

The point is to make the best of every situation. This leads to another important tip.

2-Use What You Have

We understand that traveling light is essential for a business traveller. As such, we can’t ask you to pack gym equipment halfway across the country. It’s not a sustainable option. So, it’s time to get creative, use what you have.

There are bodyweight exercises you can do in your hotel that does not require a dumbbell. These include push-ups, crunches, yoga, etc. Incorporate these workouts into your daily routine.

If there’s a pool in the hotel, swim some laps. If bicycles are available for rent, ride. Finally, if your lodging is near a park or trail, go for a walk or job. The important thing is to keep moving.

3-Prioritize Your Workout

No matter how great, bad, busy, or free your day may be, you must make out for your workout routine. The smart thing to do is to work out around the same time every day (preferably in the morning), even when on the road.

There are loads of devices that can track your progress. Simply invest in a good smartwatch.

4-Do not Procrastinate

This is one thing that can prevent you from doing your regular workout. It’s understandable that you would want to relax after a long flight, finding the motivation to exercise would be difficult.

One way to prevent this is to pack your exercise cloth in your carry-on luggage for easy access. Another option is to wear them during your commute. It is important to stay fit while traveling for business.

5-Take Care of Your Body

Your nutrition is just as important as fitness when on the road. That’s right, you must eat right, add plenty of water and sleep into your daily life, even when on the road.

On a Final Note

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05 Mar 2022