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For the limo business, the fleet of limos is the primary expense. Without vehicles, you cannot run your business.

But those vehicles are costly to drive and maintain. Maintenance, insurance, repairs, and fuel eat a large portion of your company’s budget. One way to ensure that your vehicles are driven in the most cost-effective way possible, without sacrificing the level of service your clients receive, is with fleet tracking. Here are some reasons why tracking your limos is essential to success.

Fleet Tracking Lowers Insurance Costs
Insurance is one of the only places where you can seriously cut your costs as a limo business.  With other expenses, like fuel, maintenance, and driver pay, you have less control. Fleet tracking will help lower your risk, and thus your insurance cost.

Why do insurance companies reward fleets that have tracking systems installed? First, tracking vehicles helps limit reckless driver behavior. Driver accountability will lead to safer driver behavior because your drivers know that their activities are being monitored. Your insurance company knows this as well and will lower your premiums as a result.

Second, vehicles with GPS tracking systems are easier to recover if they are stolen. Limos are a target for potential thieves, and you will have the benefit of being able to provide the last-known location for the vehicle if it is stolen. This helps the police recover it more quickly.
How much can you save? According to Automotive Digest, your rates might drop by as much as 15 percent with fleet tracking.

Improve Client Safety
Your clients trust you to provide them with a safe ride to and from their destination. GPS fleet tracking helps ensure this by implementing driver accountability, which leads to improved driver behavior. When tracking what your drivers are doing behind the wheel of your limos, you can better enforce safe driving practices and limit excessive speeding, braking, and other unsafe habits.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Fleet
Limos aren’t known for their fuel efficiency, but you can improve this with fleet tracking. Driving at high speeds or having a driver who sits in the limo with the engine running while waiting for a client can use fuel unnecessarily. You can set your fleet tracking system to alert you to specific vehicle speeds or excessive idling. Modern systems can even correlate speed alerts to the speed limits posted on a specific road using modern mapping technology. This, then, allows you to curb behavior that is hogging your fuel budget.

Improve Engine Diagnostics & Repair
Some GPS fleet tracking systems can directly tie into the engine and provide diagnostic help when alert codes are triggered. Your system can also be set up to provide alerts when it is time for a service check or maintenance visit. By scheduling maintenance in a timely way, you can get more mileage out of your limo fleet and ensure you always have vehicles ready to deliver your clients where they need to go. In addition, fleet tracking helps you address small issues before they develop into costly repairs through better maintenance tracking.

Better Customer Service
Some limo companies offer a call-and-deliver service, picking up clients at a moment’s notice from their hotels or the airport. To guarantee prompt delivery of a vehicle when a last-minute request is made, you need GPS fleet tracking.

GPS fleet tracking shows, in real-time, where all of your vehicles are. This, in turn, allows you to dispatch a limo and driver who is close to your target customer.
Also, GPS fleet tracking with mapping technology can show you real-time traffic data. With this information, you can route your drivers around traffic delays, ensuring they arrive at your customer’s location on time and are able to deliver their passengers to their chosen destination in a timely manner.

The Bottom Line
What’s the bottom line? If you are running a limousine service and want to provide the best service to your customers at minimal cost, you need the help of GPS fleet tracking. The benefits this technology provides means it will easily pay for itself through increased efficiency, enhanced customer service, and lower insurance rates.

08 Dec 2019