Events with more than 20 people can be enjoyable, but coordinating everyone together can be difficult. That’s why you should book a party bus! Are you planning on throwing a major party for any of the following events shortly?

  • Birthday
  • Concert
  • Bachelor(ette) party
  • Night out
  • Festival

Here are some great reasons you should book a party bus for the events mentioned above or any event you want.

Safer travel

Party buses are a much safer mode of transportation than asking everyone to drive separately. No matter what kind of party you’re having, there will probably be alcohol involved. When everyone is riding on a party bus, you don’t have to worry about your friends getting behind the wheel if they cannot drive.

Bigger parties

Party bus rentals allow you to plan bigger parties. You can invite dozens of people, and they can all ride on the same bus. Without a party bus, you might limit the number of people you entertain because of parking difficulties, and some people might not want to go for that reason. Forget all of that when you book a party bus.

More amenities

Most party buses have great amenities on them. Our party buses have a minibar with a sink, fun lights, dance poles, flat-screen TVs, leather seats, luggage compartments, bathrooms, a disco floor, and more. Good luck finding that in your friend’s SUV.


When you book a party bus with a large group, it’s a lot cheaper than everyone traveling separately. You split the expenses with the entire group on a party bus. When you’re not traveling together, everyone has to pay for their gas, parking, and even snacks. All of those things will be shared when you ride together on a party bus.

The party never ends.

Finally, the party never has to end on a party bus. The bus itself is its party. Traveling does not mean the fun has to stop. The bus can even be your party venue by itself!

Roughly 256,651 people are employed by the limousine and taxi industry in the United States. You should book a party bus if you’re planning any major events shortly. They are safer, allow you to have bigger parties, have more amenities, save you money, and never let the fun stop. Check out our fleet and give us a call so you can start planning your next big shindig.

24 Jan 2022