One of the main reasons people opt for limos and party bus rentals over traditional transportation methods is their classy look and group travel convenience. Stretch limousines are the second most requested vehicle type for business clients in the U.S. But one significant benefit of traveling by limo or party bus that so many people overlook or don’t bother to think about is improved safety. That’s right — being driven by limos and party buses is generally exponentially safer than driving yourself. Here are just a few reasons limousine services are safer than traditional travel methods.

REDUCES POTENTIAL INCIDENTS OF DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED: It’s no secret that many events that warrant limos serve alcohol. Weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, adult nights out often end in less-than-favorable driving conditions, and even prom nights can tempt children to drink underage. By traveling by limo, you eliminate the risk of multiple people getting on the road when they’re in no condition to drive. Sure, your guests could take individual taxis, but the simple convenience of group transportation outweighs the complications of calling multiple taxis and having to leave several cars parked overnight. Traveling by limo takes immense stress off the guests and the event organizers, allowing your guests to imbibe responsibly.


If you’re driving in an unfamiliar area or a bad part of town, you’re putting yourself and your possessions at risk. Even taking public transportation systems can be risky in certain areas, not to mention, they’re very time restrictive. Give yourself and your guests some much-needed peace of mind by reserving a limo. Your guests will feel much more secure knowing that they and their possessions are safe, and a ride home will arrive at the exact scheduled time. And not just any ride home — a professional limo driver with a chauffeur’s license.

Ultimately, choosing a limousine service instead of a traditional travel method is incredibly beneficial in countless situations. Staying safe is just one significant benefit of limos that many people underestimate. For more information about the benefits of limos, contact Absolute Comfort Limo.


30 Jan 2022